Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for the overall management of the Group, which includes leadership and control of the Company and oversees the Group’s businesses, strategic decisions, internal control, risk management and performances. The management team is delegated with the authority and responsibility by the Board for the day-today management of the Group. The delegated functions and work tasks are periodically reviewed. Major corporate matters that are specifically delegated by the Board to the management include (1) the preparation of interim and annual reports and announcements for the Board’s approval before publishing; (2) implementation of adequate systems of internal controls and risk management procedures; and (3) compliance with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of the Board to determine the appropriate corporate governance practices applicable to the Company’s circumstances and to ensure processes and procedures are in place to achieve the Company’s corporate governance objectives.

The Board has maintained the necessary balance of skills and experience appropriate for the business requirements and objectives of the Group and for the exercise of independent judgement. Each Director with various professional qualification, experience and related financial management expertise have contributed to the effective direction of the Company and provided adequate checks and balances to safeguard to the interests of both the Group and the shareholders. Hence, the Board believes that the current Board composition satisfy the balance of expertise, skills and experience to the corporate governance requirements of the Group as well as the ongoing development and management of its business activities.

The Board meets regularly to discuss the overall strategy as well as the operation and financial performance of the Company, and to review and approve the Company’s interim and annual results. Regular Board meetings for each year are scheduled in advance to facilitate maximum attendance of Directors. All Directors are given an opportunity to include matters for discussion in the agenda. The Company Secretary assists the Chairman in preparing the agenda for meetings to comply with all applicable rules and regulations. The agenda and the accompanying Board papers are normally sent to Directors at least three days before the intended date of a Board meeting. Draft minutes of each Board meeting are circulated to Directors for their comment before being tabled at the next Board meeting for approval. All minutes are kept by the Company Secretary and are open for inspection at any reasonable time on reasonable notice by any Director.

Pursuant to the bye-laws of the Company, all Directors appointed to fill a causal vacancy shall hold office only until the next following general meeting of the Company and shall then be eligible for re-election at the meeting. At each annual general meeting, at least one third of the Directors for the time being shall retire from office by rotation provided that every Director shall be subject to retirement by rotation at least once every three years.